Training Tips & Treats For Puppy

All About Dog Treats

Dog TreatsDogs have become such valued family members that it is not surprising, when it comes to dog treats, that there are almost as many to choose from as there are treats for us. Years ago the only treats we normally gave our pets were either soup bones or plain old dog cookies. Mans’ best friend has come a long way over the years. Most people treat their dogs like children, calling them by special names and taking them everywhere, even on vacation. The dog industry is gigantic and almost everything you can think of is available for our pampered pooches. There are dog beds, jewelry, furniture, clothing, gourmet food and even life preservers. The dog market is huge and if you cannot find what you are looking for, more than likely, nobody has invented it yet. There are dog hotels, restaurants and day care facilities, just to name a few. The bottom line is that, because we love our dogs and they love us back unconditionally, people are very happy and willing to give their pets everything they possibly can.

Dog treats, unlike years ago, are available in a multitude of flavors such as beef, vegetable, pepperoni, cheese, bacon, chicken, and even chocolate. There are bone shapes, people shapes, sticks, sausage rolls and many more. Sometimes we use dog treats as a training reward or just because we love them so much. Dogs have no idea nor do they care about the shape, brand or cost of the treats. All they want to do is eat them. Along with the large variety of dog treats available, there is also a vast difference in the price of treats. Buying only the most expensive dog treats does not necessarily mean that they are the healthiest or that your pet will like them better because they cost more. Most dogs are thrilled to have any treat whether expensive or not. On their dog’s birthdays and at Christmas, dog owners give their pets a basket or stocking filled with treats. After all, they are a much-loved member of the family.

People enjoy the fact that there are gourmet dog treats and specialty treats available, which have become extremely popular. Just like their human companions, many dogs have allergies to some ingredients or foods. Gourmet dog treats are often made without the common ingredients that many dogs are either sensitive or allergic to. There are low calorie treats available for our pooches that have packed on a little extra weight and need to slim down a bit. There are recipes available for people that either like to bake or want their dog to only have treats with specific ingredients. If your dog is unfortunate enough to have health problems there are cookies and treats available to meet specific diets and needs. Many people are very health conscious and do not want foods with preservatives and fillers for either their dogs or for themselves. Specialty treats are available made with only natural ingredients. No matter what treat you choose for your cherished companion, you can be sure that they will love it.

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