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Automatic Pet Feeder

Automatic Pet FeederAutomatic pet feeders are a great and convenient way to make sure your pet is fed daily without hassle. If you’ve ever wondered whether you fed your dog today or not, a pet feeder is an ideal solution that helps prevent double feeding issues. You can visit the automatic Pet Feeder here.

The problem with some pet self feeders is that your dog can eat as much as they want, whenever they want since the food drops down into the bowl as the dish is emptied–this can cause over eating issues (and believe me, most dogs will over eat if they’re allowed to!). This pet feeder solves that problem since it’s automatic. It dispenses the alloted amount of food on a set schedule by using an electronic digital timer. Food will not continuously drop while the dog feeds, only what’s programmed on the set daily schedule.

Automatic pet feeders are the way to go for busy dog owners, we highly recommend them! To check this one out, visit the automatic pet feeder here for small dogs (under 15 pounds), this one’s for Dogs and Cats 15-40 lbs and one for larger dogs (over 40 pounds).