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Your Dog and the Law

There will be laws and ordinances where you reside restricting the ownership of certain pets. Laws can change and evolve over time and can vary from locale to locale. A responsible owner must keep abreast on new laws and amendments to existing laws with the ownership of pets. The concept of paying taxes has most […]

Understanding Dogs Abilities

I cannot tell you how many times People have said to me that their Dog thinks it is human and I always give the same answer “No it doesn’t it thinks you’re a dog.” Although not strictly true it serves to emphasize that dogs are not humans in little furry coats. If we could teach […]

First Aid For Pets

Ever consider a first aid kit for Fido or Fluffy? There are a number of items and techniques to help a pet stay comfortable until professional help can be reached. Of course in any emergency situation, your veterinarian should be notified for immediate treatment. Choking – The Heimlich Maneuver can be very effective for pets. […]

Summer Poses Threat to Your Pet’s Safety

Many people own pets for companionship, protection, child training, etc. With pet ownership, comes a great deal of responsibility to care, feed, shelter and groom our four-legged friends. As we anticipate rising temperatures in the summer months, we need to be reminded that when the temperatures increase, the need to take additional precautions to care […]

What Is The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair?

With more and more of us owning pets it has become increasingly important for us to clean up effectively after we have let out beloved pets roam all round the house and lay about on our carpets and furniture. This means more work for the person clearing the house as cleaning up all the hairs […]

Secrets of Dog Training Professionals – Digging in the Garden

Have you ever wondered how really good dog trainers come up with the techniques they use to solve behaviour problems in dogs such as excessive barking, destructive chewing, toileting in the house and jumping up on visitors? Or how top dog trainers come up with ways to train dogs in top obedience and working competitions? […]

How To Be a Dog Whisperer

What is a “Dog Whisperer”? Plenty of people call themselves a dog whisperer, usually for commercial gain. Since the success of Monty Roberts, the Horse Whisperer, it seems to be a title almost anyone can brand themselves with – so long as they are not Horse Whisperers (that one is owned and trademarked by Monty […]

Traveling with Pets

Pets have special needs when they travel, so planning ahead is essential. This advice can help you make sure your pet is prepared to travel long distances locally. Taking your pet on a holiday Your pet should be wearing a collar with its name and your contact number on it. In Australia we use the […]