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How NOT to Groom Your Dog

We have a wonderful gentle natured dog that I adopted about 8 years ago. Unfortunately she was a bit neglected and was very timid when I brought her home. She had previously belonged to someone who lived nearby and I had spent the last few months making sure she had food and fresh water so […]

10 Questions I’m Most Asked about Dogs in Heat

1. What is heat? Heat is more properly called the estrous cycle. During this cycle, female dogs may get pregnant. It’s equivalent to human menstruation. 2. What are the symptoms? Females bleed from the vagina sometimes with swelling of the vulva and increased urination. Don’t expect bleeding comparable to a human female. For small dogs, […]

Crate Training Is A Kindness

All training starts with taking advantage of your dog’s natural inclinations to reinforce the behavior you want. The only place your dog will not, by nature, mess, is its sleeping place. Crate training works with your dog’s instinct – he never has the opportunity to be “bad.” Crate training is fairly intense for you. The […]

Popular Pet Tents

Pets also need personal sanctuaries and hideaways where they can relax and sleep in peace, away from harsh elements, unwanted commotion and noises. There is a wide variety of pet tents to choose from, so selection should be based on the size of your pet, how noisy is your neighborhood, the design and overall décor, […]

Stages of Whelphing a Litter of Puppies

Your dog being pregnant can be a nerve racking time for owners who have not had the experience before. Just like with human babies the first is the most challenging and if you intend on doing this often – don’t worry it gets easier with practice. Follow some of these tips for making the birthing […]

Dog Food Recipe – Kitty Roll

International Foods Category: International Serves: 6 Preparation Time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 0 minutes Quick Tip: If you do have a kitty sibling in the house, encourage animal harmony and let them share the roll! Otherwise they will be fighting your canine friend and stealing the food. You can even sprinkle a bit of catnip […]

What Are Dog Grooming Tools

Why do you prefer to go to professional dog groomers and pay high fees for your dog grooming. You can even groom your dog at home, yes really You can do much of the grooming yourself at home and save money at the same time. This article will let you know all necessary tools that […]

Find Your Lost Pet Fast

Hopefully you will never have to go through this. But odds are good at one time or another, either you or a friend will have a pet that goes missing. You can be the most careful person and through no fault of your own, something happens. I had first hand experience of this last Tuesday […]