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5 Big Reasons to Crate Train your Dog

Want a well-bahaved dog? It’s easier than you think once you understand your dog’s instinct and learn the most useful tool to use. This article provides all the tips you need to start training your dog right away. Is your dog a source of frustration? Does he chew everything in sight? Does he leave puddles […]

2 Doggy Drooling Dog Treat Recipes

These 2 Scrumptiously Yummy, Doggy Delicious Dog Treat Recipes will have you dog breaking down your kitchen door to get more. You better leave your dog outside otherwise he will go wild when you cook these dog treats. Dog Treat Recipes 1 Delicious Doggy Dip Ingredients – 3 tbsp Peanut Butter – 2 tbsp Honey […]

How to Choose the Right Dog Carrier for You and Your Dog

There is an ever growing assortment of dog carriers on the market today. People continue to look for smaller dogs to add to their home and families. Consequently, the demand for dog carriers is higher than ever. How do you decide which carrier to choose from the growing assortment? What size is your dog? What […]

Is Pet Dental Health Really Important?

Many veterinarians stress the importance of oral hygiene because tooth and gum problems are common medical conditions seen in pets. If left unchecked, an unhealthy mouth can affect the liver, kidneys, heart and even the brain. So when you lean in to give your pet a smooch, ask yourself “Does my pet need a breath […]

Express Your Love By Expressing Your Dog – The Dirt On A Dog-Owners’ Dirtiest Job

There is a dreadful substance inside your dog’s butt that’s aching to get out, and unless you rise to this disgusting challenge, consequences can be dire. It’s called expressing your dog, and it is a chore so foul that it was recently featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs.” Actually, “dirty” hardly does the situation […]

Puppy Training, a Positive Introduction to basic Obedience exercises

Learning How to Learn Pups are learning all the time and there is no reason to wait for them “to grow up” before you begin training. You can start your pup’s first lessons at seven weeks. Doing some early training will turn on circuits in his brain that will make all later training easier. The […]

Teach your Pup to swim for fun and exercise

Introduction to the Water Whether your pup is headed to the duck blind or you just want to teach him to swim for fun and exercise the techniques are the same. Dogs are land mammals and are not born knowing how to swim. Occasionally a young dog will wade right in and go, but most […]

Pet Friendly Hotels

If your travel companion happens to have fur, or walk on four paws instead of feet, then you will probably need to locate a few pet friendly hotels for your travels. Most hotels will not allow you to bring your four legged friend in for a nights stay, so its important to call ahead to […]