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Automatic Pet Feeder

Automatic pet feeders are a great and convenient way to make sure your pet is fed daily without hassle. If you’ve ever wondered whether you fed your dog today or not, a pet feeder is an ideal solution that helps prevent double feeding issues. You can visit the automatic Pet Feeder here. The problem with […]

All Terrain Pet Stroller

Here’s a good quality pet stroller we found that’s perfect for dog owners to wheel around their favorite pet when walking your dog on the leash is not practical. It also looks great (see it here)! We chose this stroller because of the 11″ all terrain wheels and rear shock absorbers, you can wheel around […]

Pet Patio Door

Pet patio doors are an ideal solution for giving your dog or cat easy access to come and go indoors or outdoors as they will. No more getting out of bed at 5 a.m. for you…your dog will be able to let himself outside when he needs to. If you’d like to keep your pet […]

Dog Bone Toy Box

We’ve discovered a cool solution for storing dog toys and accessories that you won’t find just anywhere – a Bone Shaped Toy Box! Use this to keep all your dog’s toys neat and organized (and out of the way). The lid fits securely or you can keep it off to give puppy easy access to […]

Indoor Dog Potty

PuppyBuzz has found an ideal solution that provides an indoor potty option for dogs. If your dog stays inside the house for long hours at a time or if you’re an apartment dweller that doesn’t have easy access to yard space, you’ll love this – WizDog’s Indoor Dog Potty! Is it possible to potty train […]