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How To Determine Pet Sitter Requirements

Pet Sitter RequirementsFirst Prepare A Duty List

List all the duties you are hoping to hire a pet sitter to take care of. Determine the amount of time it will take someone to fulfill those duties, you’ll need to include travel time if errands will be performed (ie. Dog walking–1/2 hour @ 3 times per week, grocery shopping–1 hour @ 1 time per week, light housekeeping–1 hour @ twice a week, etc.). In this example, you determine that you require someone 4.5 hours a week to help you.

Next Determine Your Budget

Considering that the average rate of pay will be about $10 to $15 an hour (depending on the area you live in and the duties required), you’ll see that your needs will be about $45 to $70 a week (using the above examples listed). For that amount, you’ll have someone looking after puppy a few times a week, doing your grocery shopping as well as some light housework performed. Some sitters will also require fuel expenses to be reimbursed, especially if the errands require a lot of driving.

How Much Should You Pay?

Realize that the lower the rate you are willing to pay, the higher the risk to having a high turnover for pet sitters. You may find yourself having to go through the hiring process regularly. Some sitters will take lower rates of pay to accumulate professional experience and gain references, then move on to better paying jobs. Other sitters may be willing to take lower paying jobs just to fill the gaps in their schedules, but once something with better pay comes their way, they’ll hand in their notice.

You don’t have to pay the highest rate of pay to retain pet sitters in your employ, but a good, fair wage should help buffer yourself against high turnover rates and ensure that you don’t have gaps of time uncovered by a sitter.

Suitable rates of pay will vary depending on where you live in the country and whether it’s a large urban center with high living expenses or in a smaller city that has less professional sitters to choose from (the more competitive the sitter and personal assistant market is, the higher rate of pay will be required).

Where To Find A Pet Sitter

You can advertise in the Help Wanted section of your newspaper, but services such as SitterCity are ideal since it’s a one stop shop that has everything you need to fill your sitter position. You’ll be able to review potential sitters online, check the ratings they’ve received from other employers, as well as see what kind of experience they have sitting pets and what type of extra work they are willing to do. See this page for pet sitter hiring tips and guidelines.