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Indoor Dog Potty

Indoor Dog Potty Tray

PuppyBuzz has found an ideal solution that provides an indoor potty option for dogs. If your dog stays inside the house for long hours at a time or if you’re an apartment dweller that doesn’t have easy access to yard space, you’ll love this – WizDog’s Indoor Dog Potty!

Is it possible to potty train indoors?

Dogs can be trained to go potty outside and it’s just as simple potty training indoor dogs. The great thing about having an indoor dog potty is that your dog now has more options at bathroom time. He can learn where to go potty outside, and also knows he has a place to potty inside. He can do both, this isn’t an either/or solution. By making it easy for puppy to go go to the bathroom in the appropriate places (both inside the house and outside), there’s less chance for messes and puppy mistakes to clean indoors.

What Is The WizDog Indoor Potty?

Some would call it an indoor dog litter box or indoor dog toilet. The WizDog Indoor Dog Potty consists of a durable plastic tray (similar to a litterbox) that has a plastic honeycomb grate cover. The tray liners can be store bought or simply recycle your newspapers for a cheap (and more earth friendly) solution. Since the liners are underneath the honeycomb grate, your dog won’t be able to chew on the liner or move it around the house to make a mess. No more shredded liners or messy urine soaked newspapers dragged around the carpet to come home to!

With no litter to buy and the option to use newspapers as liners, this is a very economical solution plus provides quick & easy cleanup.

It’s recommended to use one tray for small to medium dogs up to 40 lbs, but if your dog is larger–simply use two WizDog trays together.

The indoor dog potty is a perfect solution for dog owners who:

  • Work long hours away from the home
  • Indoor Dog Potty

  • Have dogs that refuse to go outside in cold or wet weather
  • Don’t have easy access to outdoor potty areas (such as apartment dwellers)
  • Have dogs that want to go potty at 5 a.m., even on the weekends!
  • Have older or younger dogs that have weak bladders

As a free bonus with every purchase, WizDog is currently offering a complete ebook digest offering training tips and subjects including:

  • Choosing a new puppy
  • Preparing for a new puppy
  • Housetraining a puppy
  • 10 vital health tips
  • Good behavior training

Nice free bonus worth $29!

Since the indoor dog potty is made from plastic and the liners are tossed and replaced as needed, it’s a quick cleanup job, nothing fussy or clunky to mess with at all.

To view the indoor dog potty, check out WizDog and pick one up for your dog today.