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Pet Patio Door

Pet Patio DoorPet patio doors are an ideal solution for giving your dog or cat easy access to come and go indoors or outdoors as they will. No more getting out of bed at 5 a.m. for you…your dog will be able to let himself outside when he needs to.

If you’d like to keep your pet indoors (or outdoors) during certain times of the day or night, this pet door comes with a handy security panel feature. Simply lock the panel to keep your dog where you want him to stay. You can view the Pet Patio Opening & Rise Panel Set here.

This patio door option fits 90% of manufactured patio doors that are on the market today (with measurements between 76″ and 84″ tall). The pet door requires no tools or fancy customization to work. This patio door option is as close as it gets to a one size fits all solution.

Better yet–this is a perfect DIY project that won’t require hiring a skilled (and expensive) installer, you can install this yourself! No electronics involved and your dog or cat has automatic access whenever he wishes (unless you’ve locked the panel).

The patio panel doors are made from quality materials including high grade aluminum and dual paned tempered safety glass with an energy efficient design. Comes with an adjustable security bar. Autograde weatherstripping is included.

Before ordering, simply measure the height of your sliding door track (measure the highest point on the lower track and the lowest point on the upper track). Measuring details are provided when ordering (simple to do).

Comes with a limited lifetime warranty (nice!). This patio door not only provides a convenient pet door solution for your dog or cat, it’s also a nice looking, good quality option that won’t ruin your decor. Visit for more information: Pet Patio Door.