Training Tips & Treats For Puppy

Potty Training Puppy

Potty training your puppy is going to be a test of patience for you. But the quicker you start and the more time, patience and PRAISE you give to your puppy – the quicker your pup will learn to be potty trained.

Here are some tips to potty training puppy:

How To Potty Train A Dog

How To Potty Train A Puppy

  • Watch puppy constantly. If he’s playing with a toy and suddenly gets up to sniff around – scoop pup and run outside. He’s giving signals that it’s ‘time’.
  • Take puppy outside once he wakes up for a nap. Puppies normally need to go when they first wake up.
  • Watch puppy after he’s eaten. Again this is normally a time that pups need to relieve themselves.
  • Feed puppy on a regular schedule. Remove the water dish when it’s close to bed time. You’ll be able to predict better when puppy’s time is near.
  • Watch puppy constantly. If you notice him sniffing around and settling into a squat – he’s ready to relieve himself.
  • Attach words to the process, like ‘Go Potty’ or ‘Time To Go’ or ‘Wanna Go Potty’. The puppy will soon associate those words with going potty.
  • Give lots of praise when puppy does his job outside. Give treats. Celebrate each time. Puppy will learn quickly that this is a good thing to do outside.

Consider pet patio doors to help make the potting training easier, your dog will be able to come and go outside as he needs to. Very helpful for pet owners!

Potty Training Dogs Indoors

Using the same steps and methods above, you can housetrain a dog indoors by using a dog litter box or inside tray (sometimes called a dog toilet), here’s an indoor dog potty we came across that you should check out.

The biggest keys to potty training puppy is to watch, praise and be consistent. By keeping a close eye on puppy, being quick and full of praise, puppy will soon know that potty time needs to be taken care of outside.