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Teaching Your Dog Not To Bite

Teach Your Dog Not To BiteYou must teach your dog to never bite people. Even though puppies playfully nip and most bites are not aggressive in nature, a dog must learn to never bite. This is to protect people (especially children), but also to protect you and your dog from legal problems.

Here are some tips to train your dog to not bite or use his teeth on people:

Tips For Teaching Your Dog Not To Bite

  • Be consistent in your training, ensure that all family members are also actively training your pup not to nip.
  • When a pup playfully nips at you during play, stop play and say firmly “No Bite” and push his mouth away
  • When a pup uses its teeth to pull at your clothes (especially pant legs), stop and say firmly “No Bite” and put his mouth away
  • If puppy persists, take puppy by the collar, close his mouth with your other hand and say firmly “No Bite”

Two important points when training your dog not to bite people are to use the same command each time (No Bite), and that you are consistent each time he nips. Both you and your family must stop the nips and the bites each time, every time in the same manner (firm voice and same command).

Dogs naturally use their teeth in a playful and non-agressive fashion. It’s your job to teach them that they’re not to bite or use their teeth on people.