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Tips For Nervous Dogs

Tips For Nervous DogsIn The UK we are fast approaching Fireworks Night which in our multi-cultural society heralds a sustained period of celebrations including Diwali or Deepawali coming to an end around New Years Eve.

Around the world the Firework has for hundreds of years formed a key part of celebrations.

I thought it might be useful to outline some tips for dog lovers like me about how to keep your dog calm during what can be a scary couple of months for our faithful friends like our mutt Sam (a Black Lab/ Springer Cross).

There’s nothing new here and I can’t claim to have invented these but they’ve worked for Sam I hope they work for you.

On particularly noisy nights Sam likes to have a safe hiding place, he uses a small alcove at the side of the Settee; it’s in his favorite place (other than the cat litter tray!) next to us in the living room; I know someone who uses an animal carrier with the door open.

We also do the obvious stuff like close the curtains and turn up the Television to drown out the Firework noise, but we don’t shut the doors as I was once told this would make him feel trapped.

We always try and make Sam tired so in the afternoon we try and take him for a long walk and a play with his Friends, Sophie, Honey and Snoopy.

Like you and I Sam feels sleepy after a big meal, so before the Fireworks begin give him a big meal preferably high in Carbohydrate, try rice or mash Potatoes.

There are also a number of products on the market including a natural remedy called Serene-UM. I understand that this product works best if given to a dog over a period of time so now’s the time to start. Apparently people often make the mistake of only giving there animal Serene-UM a few days before and this reduces the effectiveness. I found a Website that will deliver Serene-UM to your home http://www.pets2home.co.uk/ and it’s on special offer!!

If you’re worried all this won’t work speak to your Vet about Dog Appeasing Pheromone. It comes as a plug in diffuser and I’m told has really calming influence on Dogs.

Terry King


Terry married and lives with his wife Louise and his dog Sam a Two year old Lab/Springer Cross( Sam not Louise)