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Train Dog To Lay Down

Training Your Dog To Lay DownTraining your dog to lay down on command is one of the first basic commands to teach your dog. Your dog should already be trained to sit at command before trying to teach this one.

Here are some tips to teach your dog to lay down:

How To Train Your Dog To Lay Down

  • Give your dog the command to sit
  • When he’s sitting, give the command ‘Down’, then gently force his legs out causing him to lay down
  • Immediately give your dog lots of praise for laying down
  • Do this 6 times each training session, but each time wait a few seconds longer before giving praise. For example the first time – give him praise 5 seconds after he’s layed down. The second time, give praise 10 seconds later.

Give as many training sessions as your dog needs. He will soon learn that the command ‘Down’ means he’s to lay down.