Training Tips & Treats For Puppy

Training Dog To Stay

Train Your Dog To StayThe Stay command is one of the first basic commands to teach your dog.

Puppy should already have learned how to sit and how to lay down on command before trying to teach him to stay.

Here are a few tips to train your dog to stay:

How To Train Your Dog To Stay

  • Command puppy to sit
  • Once puppy is sitting, give the ‘Stay’ command and also put your hand up (palm facing the dog)
  • When puppy stays still for a few seconds, give him much praise and affection
  • Do the ‘Stay’ command 6 times per training session, trying to hold off the praise a little longer each time

By practicing the Stay command a few times each session, your puppy will soon learn what he is to do each time you give that command. Remember to give lots of praise every time he stays and to try holding off the praise a little longer each time.