Training Tips & Treats For Puppy

Training Puppy To Sit

Training your dog to sit is one of the first commands to teach and one that you’ll want to teach him right away.

Here are some tips to training puppy to sit:

How To Train Your Dog To Sit

Sitting Puppy

  • Use the same command “Sit” when teaching your dog to sit
  • Each time puppy sits down himself, even when not training, say the word “Sit”. This will help puppy learn what the word “Sit” means
  • When training puppy to sit, take a treat in one hand, use your other hand to gently push puppy’s butt to the floor while saying the word “Sit”. When he’s sitting, give him the treat and lots and lots of praise.
  • You could also try standing next to puppy (he needs to be standing too), hold a treat above his nose so that his head natually tilts up at the treat. Say the command “Sit” and pull the treat back a bit over his head so that it’s easier for the dog to follow the treat by sitting himself rather than force his head back. Each time puppy sits himself, make sure he hears the word “Sit” and give him plenty of happy praise.
  • Do this a few times in a row, no more than 5 or 6 times a session. You can do a few training sessions a day.

Using the same command each time “Sit” as well as giving puppy lots of praise each time he sits will help your dog learn what sit means and what he’s supposed to do when he hears it.